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Winter is Coming: The affects of cold weather and your security systems

This weekend is forecasting for another ‘blizzard’ in the DC area. The grocery stores are quickly running out of supplies and the counties are even closing down schools days early in anticipation and fear of potential inclement weather. We all know the cold can wreak havoc on your joints (mainly from shoveling your driveway 4 times) but it can also adversely affect your security systems.


Luckily, all equipment that we install is rated to handle the harsh conditions. Even the cameras that we install have a device at the summit of Mt. Everest! That being said, there’s still a potential for anomalies.

Here are some steps you can take to better secure your business before this very cold weekend approaches:

  1. Cold weather causes metal to contract. Especially as we reach lows in the 10°’s and 20°’s in the coming nights. Make sure all exterior and monitored doors are closed properly before turning on your alarms in the evening. The freezing temperatures can cause the moving parts of door latches to stick in place and require a little extra ‘motivation’ to allow a door to close. We recommend applying a small amount of lithium grease to anything not sliding into place properly.
  2. Battery life can be drastically shortened because of cold weather in any wireless devices. If an odd window sensor goes off with no sign of intrusion, this could be a direct result. Don’t panic in case of accidental alarm. Just let us know as soon as possible so we can schedule a service technician to come replace it.
  3. Lastly, there’s the cold transition to hot. Just as condensation forms on a pair of glasses as you go from outside while it’s snowing to inside where it’s warm, the same thing happens within your electronics. So, especially if you monitor your system from your phone or laptop, don’t leave them in your car overnight and then move them inside. The condensation internally on those devices can cause a short and render them useless.

El Niño may have sheltered itself for a while, but brace yourself, because winter is coming.


If you feel as though your current security doesn’t have the capacity to stand up to the winter and you want confidence in your security systems, give us a call at 703.286.7205 or email info@forcesecurity.com

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