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Risk Assessments

Force Security Solutions conducts a security assessment and risk analysis to determine if your location, and the related assets, including the employees, students and related property are properly protected to guard against unauthorized entry, robbery, theft, or destruction of property. History tells us that the issues we identify can eventually lead the business, and its principals, to be held negligent and liable in a court of law. Any event, regardless of its size, can severely impact your profitability, potentially forcing you to go out of business.

During our assessments, we look at your business’ location, employees, customers, and your current procedures, protocols, and any current systems and determined the following:

Employees, when asked specific questions related to the following items listed, are not able to provide consistent answers and do not demonstrate the proper training when asked what to do in the event of a security related incident. They usually feel unsure of how to handle security or safety related matters that are listed below:

  • Robbery Prevention
  • Burglary Prevention
  • Fire Prevention
  • Vendor Theft
  • Internal or Customer Theft
  • Consumer or Credit Card Fraud
  • Workplace Violence
  • Emergency Preparedness


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