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Our Certified Crime Prevention Program is built around the four main elements listed below:

Provide crime prevention training, and assist with policies and procedures, that will be implemented by your business. And are put in place to address crimes and threats that may have an impact on the company and its profitability.

Provide continuous on-site security assessments of the business, by Force Security personnel who are trained in the principles and application of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design. You will need to choose a contact person who will work with us at each location. This person will coordinate crime prevention/security issues, and act as a liaison, with the Force Security Solutions personnel. The goal of the program is to encourage businesses to become more involved in reducing the opportunity for crime at their establishment. Locations will be required to recertify periodically.

Engineer, design, and install an advanced and interactive verified response, web enabled and fully redundant security system that will provide your business with a significant reduction in operating expenses, merchandise/cash loss, criminal activity, and claims of liability. This, in turn, will assist with improved employee performance and moral, while providing the highest level of security possible, in conjunction with the appropriate deterrents, and providing evidence for proper prosecution and restitution, while benefiting from improvements in profitability, employee productivity, and safety.

Provide ongoing training and support of your Security Policy and Procedures, as well as the operations of the Verified Response Security System. The following proposal provides a combination of devices, that when fully integrated, address the problem areas identified in our risk analysis.


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