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Intrusion Detection Systems

fire_breakin-e1436795651940[1]As a business person, it’s your job to ensure the safety and security of your people, facilities, and assets. There are so many threats you have to worry about … burglary, theft, fire, unauthorized entry, and more. Force Security provides the highest level of protection to ensure that your location is safe and secure. We offer flexible UL Commercial systems able to provide a combination of intrusion, fire, access control, and network monitoring.  Integrating these security features means you have only one system to learn, to program, and to monitor. You will have strong protection from all common security threats, including Burglary and hold-up. In the event of a break in, local alarms will sound and help will be summoned via our UL Listed Five Diamond Monitoring service.  Theft protection can be placed on your outside entrances as well as on areas inside your facility granting access only to authorized employees.

Proven in millions of commercial applications throughout the world, our IP Intrusion Detection Servers are well recognized for high quality and reliable performance. Whether the application is a single story strip mall, a school, or multi-story commercial building, we have the right technology for the job.


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