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Force Security Hosts a Luncheon for Property Managers Downtown

Force Security Hosts a Luncheon for Property Managers Downtown

Washington, DC – Force Security was invited to host a luncheon for over 35 Property Managers in DC last week as part of a monthly lunch and learn event.  The lunch was held at Station Kitchen & Cocktails nestled amongst the historic internationally-inspired architecture of the surrounding embassy buildings. As property managers from locations all around the District began to arrive and catch up with one another, we ran into a couple familiar faces that we already service, and have a great relationship with, here at Force Security.


Ken Kocher, Force Security’s President, began his presentation with one goal: To educate. Not only about the technologies and products that Force Security offers our clients, but more importantly on the idea that technology takes a back seat to policy and procedure. What that means is: In order for the technology (The IP Cameras, The Intrusion Security Servers, Access Control Systems, etc.) that Force installs to be successful, a company must first have the proper policies and procedures in place so that they know how to handle emergency events that may occur at their buildings.

“You’d be amazed at how many property managers never think about the best practices and how to handle emergency types of situations until after an emergency has occurred … even with all that is happening in the news recently,” Ken said. “Especially here in the Nation’s Capital.” The murmur of the tables that followed these statements signified Ken’s words. It’s the unfortunate reality that business owners and property managers get wrapped up in the wrong idea of ‘I have all the right pieces’. Add that along with so many security providers who fail to properly instruct a businesses and their employees on how to implement procedures in case of an event and you get an opportunity for disaster. The beauty of having all of these property managers in one space is that they could talk and bounce experiences off of one another. How they handled it. What the result was. It was healthy for everyone to hear and learn from each other.

“We strongly encourage interaction among neighbors,” Ken answered when asked about how to be more proactive in regards to security. “It’s funny that with all of the ways we can now communicate with people all around the world so easily, so many people fail to communicate about whats happening next door to them. Having a network of local property managers just to bounce experiences off of is paramount to keeping you, your tenets, employees, and your assets safer.”

luncheonHere at Force, we offer a ‘Plan to Stay in Business Seminar’ free to all. We host a small presentation that walks through a several different possible scenarios that other businesses have experienced and how to appropriately handle them in case they take place at your facility. It’s a great opportunity to set a foundation for the policies and procedures you need at your location. It’s an integral part of how our business works to keep you in business.



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Force Security is a System Integrator located in the Washington D.C. Area.  Force Security believe in providing the highest quality proactive security, access control and video surveillance technology available in today market.  We design, install and provide to our commercial and government customers IP Security Technology and Video Surveillance Systems that work and protect to the highest degree.  Along with our high quality installation and technical experience, you can’t go wrong.  Protecting your business or government agency is the right thing to do.  Our systems work proactively and our Mobotix cameras are an integral part of solution. You can contact Force Security today at info@forcesecurity.com or call 1- 877-656-3528 to learn more or set up a free consultation and learn how you can take advantage of these amazing products and services so that you are better protected!


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