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Force Security Announced as Partner of the Year

Force Security Announced as Partner of the Year

Miami, FL – Mobotix, a German-based manufacturer of High Resolution IP Security Video Surveillance Cameras and Software, held their Product Innovations and Workshops Seminar this past week in Miami Florida. During the ceremonies, Force Security, a Security Systems Integrator located in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, was awarded the prestigious ‘Partner of the Year’ award.  This comes after a long and symbiotic relationship with the manufacturer.

Ken Kocher, the President of Force Security, was there to receive the award amongst a few of his employees and many of his peers from all across the country who distribute and install Mobotix products. “Honestly, I’m pleasantly shocked. I didn’t know what to say. It’s an amazing honor to receive such an award. I love what everyone with Mobotix stands for and making them a part of the foundation of what we do here at Force Security only makes sense. They are a perfect fit for my business.  It is what makes us different and separates us from everyone else and it has so far been an incredible journey.  I look forward to continuing our business relationship for as long as we are in business ,” said Ken Kocher in response.

This isn’t the first time Mobotix has awarded Force Security. In 2010 Force Security received the ‘New Installer of the Year’ award. Then in 2013 they received the ‘Growth Strategy of the Year’ award. Chris Grohmann, Force Security’s technical engineer, who spends time training the customer on how to use the Mobotix Cameras and the free camera-viewing software, said, “not only are they (Mobotix) at the forefront of technology, which is why we fell in love with them in the first place, they also make it easy for us to work with and train our customers by providing the highest quality video technology available on the market today and end user-friendly software for free. It’s win/win.”

As the only Video Surveillance product Force Security offers, it’s easy to see why the two companies work so well with one another.  Both Mobotix and Force Security have a desire to provide the highest quality products and services to their customers. They know they have to go above beyond in order to stand out with our customers and to meet their security needs, especially in this modern-age with the constant threat of attack that we see every day. “Before I began my business, I was a Police Officer for a very long time.  After my career in law Enforcement I started working for a very large government contractor where I was going to these large-scale government facilities to audit their security systems,” Ken Kocher said. “I wanted to provide the same high level of security services and technology to our customers. Even higher then what I saw that the Government was doing. Why should anyone else be treated any less?  When it comes to protecting our lives and our business’ revenue, we all deserve the best of the best. Mobotix is the best of the best.”


About Force Security

Force Security is a System Integrator located in the Washington D.C. Area.  Force Security believe in providing the highest quality proactive security, access control and video surveillance technology available in today market.  We design, install and provide to our commercial and government customers IP Security Technology and Video Surveillance Systems that work and protect to the highest degree.  Along with our high quality installation and technical experience, you can’t go wrong.  Protecting your business or government agency is the right thing to do.  Our systems work proactively and our Mobotix cameras are an integral part of solution. You can contact Force Security today at info@forcesecurity.com or call 1- 877-656-3528 to learn more or set up a free consultation and learn how you can take advantage of these amazing products and services so that you are better protected!


About Mobotix

Mobotix is a software company with in-house hardware development in the area of digital, high-resolution, and network-based video security solutions. The company focuses on the development of user-friendly complete system solutions from a single source. The publicly-traded company with headquarters in Langmeil, Germany, is known as the leading pioneer in network camera technology since its foundation in 1999 and its decentralized concept has also made high-resolution video systems cost-efficient. From 2010 onwards, MOBOTIX will extend its product range to include intelligent home automation products that are developed in-house. Whether in embassies, airports, railway stations, ports, gas stations, hotels or highways, over one hundred thousand MOBOTIX video systems have been in operation on every continent for years.

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